WFTU Statement on Working Women’s Day

8 March 1857 – 8 March 2022: 165 years later 165 years ago, when the women workers in the New York textile mills, on March 8, 1857, went on strike and demonstrated for “ten-hour work, bright and sanitary workrooms, wages equal to those of male textile workers and tailors”, they certainly did not imagine that in 2022 all these demands would still be demanded. 165 years ago, they certainly did…

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Minimum wage of not less than Rs 18000 for all

Minimum wage of not less than Rs. 18,000 for all

Minimum wage of not less than Rs 18000 for all including scheme workers; link minimum wage with Consumer Price Index How is it justified? The Seventh Pay Commission for the central government employees appointed by the BJP led government has recommended Rs 18000 as minimum wage. According to the Seventh Pay Commission, this was based upon the formula unanimously adopted by the 15th Indian Labour Conference (ILC) and the directions…

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48-hour strike in India by CWFI

At the call of CWFI, a 48-hour strike is underway in India. The demands are: No merger of Building & Others Construction Welfare Fund Act with other social security Act.No merger of Interstate Migrant Workers Act with other Social Security Act.The Central Government has to provide financial help to the State Governments to ensure smooth payment of pension to beneficiaries of Construction Workers Welfare BoardsReduce GST rate of all Building…

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