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With the continuous efforts of the CITU, thus the construction workers had been marching forward through bitter struggles and facing brutal repression. It decided to organize the construction workers at the national level on a common platform, and as a major step formed a coordination committee of construction workers for...
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Two Days All India Strike Report Day 2
30 Mar
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Two Days All India Strike Report: Download Read More
Two Days All India Strike Report Day 1
28 Mar
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India Strike Report: Download Images of strike all over the India: Read More
WFTU Statement on Working Women’s Day
4 Mar
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8 March 1857 – 8 March 2022: 165 years later 165 years ago, when the women workers in the New... Read More
Minimum wage of not less than Rs. 18,000 for all
3 Dec
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Minimum wage of not less than Rs 18000 for all including scheme workers; link minimum wage with Consumer Price Index... Read More
48-hour strike in India by CWFI
3 Dec
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At the call of CWFI, a 48-hour strike is underway in India. The demands are: No merger of Building &... Read More