Our Activities

Decisions taken in 43rd All India Working Committee Meeting of CWFI held at Calicut Kerala, on 1st-3rd June 2008 :

1. In support of 20th August 2008 — National Strike— the following program taken
a. Joint convention by 15th July 2008
b. Dharna on 30th July 2008
c. Strike Notice to be served on 4th August 2008
d. National Strike on 20th August 2008

2. Construction Workers Parliament March on 22nd September 2008 – on the following demands –
i. Implementation of ‘Building and other Construction Workers’ (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act 1996 in all the States and Union Territories before the end of 2008.

ii. Reduce the prices of all construction materials include Steel and Cement.

iii. Housing for all the construction Workers.

iv. Proper implementation of —
‘Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979’ and ‘Immigration Act 1983’

v. The exemption of up to Rs. 10 lakh on construction work in relation to someone’s own residence — which is mentioned in the definition of ‘establishment’ should not be enhanced.

3. Organisational Financial Assistance to *Karnataka State Building and other Construction Workers Federation’ to the tune of Rs. 12000.00 (Twelve thousand only) for one year from CWFI Centre grant.


5. SIGTUR (Southern Intiative on Globalisation and Trade Unions Rights) – Programme

a. Sigtur declaration day and
b. A day against ‘Precarious Employment’ will be observed syncronising CITU Call.

6. a. Asia-Pacific Seminar on Migrant Workers Call—
For protection of Mirgrant Workers one day in December 2008 will be observed at the call of UITIBB (TUI OF WFTU).

b. In Kerala, T.N:, A.P. State level migrant workers convention to be organised at the earliest possible time (i.e. within 4 months).

c. CWFI delegation will meet Mr. Vayalar Ravi, Minister for overseas Indian Affairs, Govt. of India to submit a memorandum on the problems of immigrant Indian workers in different countries along with some M.Ps.

7. Up-to-date Report of activities of State and Central Construction Workers Welfare Board/Committees to be sent to all the Working Committee Members in every 3 or 4 months.

8. Up-to-date information about the Minimum Wages declared by GOI and State Govt. to be conveyed to all the Working Committee Members at least once in 6 months.
All the State Committee to demand before the respective State Govt for the upward revision VDA neutralisation rate.

9. Up-to-date report on Left Front Govt. of West Bengal, Tripura and Left & Democratic Front Govt. of Kerala — on any policy declaration in favour working class and toiling people to be informed to all the working Committee Members.

10. Last National Conference A/cs to be closed down.

11. After the Permission from CITU Central Committee CWFI applied for international affiliation with UITBB (TUI, Construction, WFTU). UITBB approved our affiliation. We paid Rs. 20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand only) as annual affiliation fee, which we will pay every year.

12. Bulletin — All the State Committee will fix quota. They have to sent Advertisements and write up for the Bulletin.

13. Every State Committee should take up social Work like — Blood Donation Camp, Health Check-up Camp, Anti-AIDS Camp and Set up workers Cultural Units.

14.a. Developing Leadership Skill (Building & Construction Sector) at NLI, NOIDA.

Date : 1st-5th September 2008

Kerala – 2, T. N. – 2, A. R -1

Date : 15th-19th December 2008
Orissa – 1, Assam – 1, Manipur – 1, Tripura – 1, H. P – 1

b. Health and Safety of Construction Workers at NLI, NOIDA
Date : 22nd- 26th September 2008

Rajasthan – 1, Haryana – 1, H. P. – 1, Punjab – 1, Jharkahnd – 1

15. All the affiliated unions are requested to send their affiliation fee and special donation to CWFI at the earliest.

Conclusion of the 1st AN India Working Women Sub-Committee Meeting held on 2.6.2008 at Calicut, Kerala

The meeting presided over by Comrade Malathi Citti Babu. Comrades from W. B., Kerala & T. N. attended the meeting.

After discussion at length the following decisions have taken –

1. Within 3 months times in all the States the state level working women convention to be organised.
Already in T. N., Kerala State & District level convention held and state and district level Sub-Committee set up and funtioning. On 31.5.2008 Kerala State level working convention held at Calicut, Kerala 152 delegates from 13 districts participated. Discussion held. On the basis of 11 points demands throughout Kerala a campaign movement will be launched. A new State Sub-Committee of 31 members was elected with V. K. Vaasantha Kumari as President, A. K. Narayani as G. S.

2. 9 points charter demands formulated in this meeting. On which a nation wide campaign will go on —

Demands :

i. 33% reservation for women in the legislature to be implementedin practice.
ii. Equal wage for equal work
iii. Pension for women construction workers to be paid at the age 50 year.
iv. Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 to be implemented in projects works.
v. Under the guideline of Supreme Court, ‘Complains Committee’ to be formed at District Level to Prevent Sexual, Physical, Mental harassemnt.
vi. Training for Working Women to be ensured to improve the skill.
vii. Free house sites with pattas (legal rights) for Working Women to be given
viii. Strict implementation of Rural Employment Guarantee Act in all District.
ix. More financial assistance should be given to Working Women in Construction Industry through Welfare Board.